Tile, Stone and Grout Cleaning


We provide floor cleaning, polishing and restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Your floors whether wood, tiles or natural stone (marble, granite, limestone), they all need the proper maintenance in order to keep their impeccable appearance as long as possible.

Green and Clean


We also provide carpet and upholstery cleaning with minimal impact on the environment using our safe and non-toxic cleaning solution, The Natural. Our process is copied from Mother Nature, so it refreshes and deep cleans your home’s carpets without harsh chemicals. This not only reduces our impact on the environment, it ensures a healthier, greener home.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Deep cleaning properties to make sure they are move in or move out ready and post-construction cleanup

This includes:

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Windows

  • Gutters

  • Pressure washing

  • Hauling and trash removal

 Carpet Cleaning 


Looking for the best value for money carpet cleaning service in town? Then we’ve got you covered. We provides high quality, professional carpet cleaning service at affordable prices. We provide all types of carpet cleaning, including steam cleaning and deep carpet cleaning. Let us Clean, Restore, Deodorize and Protect your carpet.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are only able to act as air filters  if they are maintained and kept clean. Our professionals provide high quality area rug cleaning services, focusing on care and attention to detail, that restore the rugs to their original beauty while removing dirt and allergens.

Upholstery Cleaning


We have the skill  to treat any type of upholstery condition. Whether your upholstery needs a light dusting and wiping or a more comprehensive cleaning, our upholstery cleaners will know exactly what to do to restore your furniture to like-new condition, often in a single visit!

Additional Services

After Party Cleaning


Organizing an event of any nature is no easy task, That is why you will need a team of professional cleaners before, during and after the event to deal with the mess left behind.



Deep Spring Cleaning


This service is ideal solution when you need a specific area cleaned thoroughly to a perfect finish. The deep cleaning service can be customised as to cover specific customer requirements like: 

  • kitchen cleaning

  •  bathrooms and toilets.

The deep cleaning service delivers exceptional cleaning results.



Mattress Cleaning


Mattresses require the same detailed, specialised cleaning as any other feature around the house which is subjected to heavy, frequent use. The mattress may not seem like the dirtiest spot in the average bedroom, but there are many hygiene issues stemming from poor mattress hygiene.

House Cleaning


 Our cleaners are qualified and experienced to tackle any cleaning job. We perform complete top to bottom house cleaning or specialized cleaning for certain parts of the premises like kitchens or bathrooms. The general cleaning service can be done in combination with another of our services like carpet cleaning..




Water Damage Restoration

Excessive moisture in your carpets or flooring can:

  • Promote the growth of mold and bacteria

  • Lower your homes air quality

  • Lead to cracks in foundations and eat away at structural supports

  • Result in expensive repairs to flooring, carpet and other possessions

Our professionally trained water damage inspectors and technicians will quickly detect the source of a leak or any flooding. After they discover the source they will discuss with you the best solution to avoiding any further damage to your carpet, flooring furniture and other household belongings.



 Windows Cleaning


Our experiencer allows us to strategically assess every requirement, the logistics, risks involved and method required to provide a safe service. Our wide range of window cleaning and strategic access solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each building and each client.